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Basic German – A1 Level

120 Hours (40 Days of 3 Hour classes)

Understand and use familiar everyday expressions

Level - Beginner

It is a fairly basic level of language. A1 German level is the first level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). At A1 German level, you can handle simple and routine tasks without any problems and deal with everyday situations.

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We have multiple options for classes available. Online & Offline options available.

German Language Levels



120 Hours

German A1 level course introduces fundamental vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills to enable learners to navigate simple everyday situations and engage in basic conversations.



140 Hours

A2 level German course builds on foundational skills, expanding vocabulary and grammar knowledge, allowing learners to express themselves more confidently in various real-life scenarios and conversations.



200 Hours

B1 level German course focuses on developing language proficiency, enabling learners to handle more complex tasks, express opinions, and engage in discussions on a range of topics with increased fluency



140 Hours

B2 level German course advances to a higher proficiency level, enhanced communication strategies, and the ability to discuss diverse topics in-depth, promoting a more fluent command of the language.

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Multiple German Language Offerings

For Nurses


For nursing professionals, our course in German language (Pflege – A1 to B2) aims to prepare nurses linguistically for daily work in hospitals and nursing homes. The focus is on practical, daily language use and is taught using content that is relevant to their work. The course offers conversation and pronunciation exercises that are essential for better communication between nurses, patients, doctors, and other team members in medical facilities in Germany. In addition, we provide B2 Pflege German language multiple simulations and mock examinations. At Aartees Education, our language classes are conducted both in classrooms and online by highly motivated experienced German Language Instructors

For Students


If you’re a student seeking a thorough understanding of German grammar, our customized course is ideal for you. Our curriculum is crafted to enhance your German communication skills, enabling you to express your ideas and viewpoints coherently and succinctly on diverse subjects like personal interests, experiences, objectives, and opinions. Our course will equip you with a firm grasp of the essential grammatical foundations necessary to excel in German Language




What Our Students Say

Exam Preparation

Our language training includes assistance to students to help ace German Language Examination with flying scores and prove your fluency in German. We guide students with the following:

  • Understanding examination structure
  • Orientation on exam time constraints
  • Taking practice tests
  • Assist in developing German language capabilities
  • Understanding exam strategies
  • Multitasking when listening in German
  • Developing a wide range of reading skills
  • Guide on the use of appropriate and assertive German terms when writing

Customized German Offerings

Welcome to our course designed specifically for individuals who plan to live and work in Germany for an extended period. This comprehensive program is open to professionals from all backgrounds and provides a basic understanding of German language and culture.

Our course has three main objectives:

  1. Enable students to achieve a minimum of A1 and A2 level proficiency in the German language.
  2. Ensure students are well-equipped to navigate daily life in Germany, including public transportation, grocery shopping, healthcare, social outings, and visits to administrative offices.
  3. We aim to provide students with a critical understanding of major cultural aspects of the German way of life.

Upon completion of the course, students will have the necessary language and cultural tools to settle into daily life in Germany with ease and confidence.

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Can I pay online?

Yes, In addition to Wire Transfer/Swift Transfer/ Bank Transfer, we also accept online payment through our payment gateway providers.

How do I get started with language training?

Contact us and send us your contact details and we will get back to you with full information on our courses.

What if I fail to pass the qualifying exam to proceed to the next Language level?

You will have to retake the level. First retake will be free, any retake beyond will be charged at 50% of the course fee.

Do you assist students who have completed German Language get placement?

Yes, we have programs such as Dual Training Program, Nurses to Germany and Drivers to Germany Programs where we assist students who have passed the required level of German Language.

How do I know if I am eligible for a job in Germany?

Please send us your CV/Resume and one of our experienced Recruitment Advisors will get back to you with your eligibility status and next steps

Do you have language/ learning training centers:

Yes, we have fully equipped training centers in India, Philippines, Georgia and UAE

What are the class timings?

We have multiple options available. Please contact us to get the current months timing options.