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Aartees Group, established in 2015, is a service provider in human resources solutions in the Middle East, India, Georgia, and the Philippines. We execute your HR strategy the way you imagine it. In the last 7 years, we have served as a one-stop solutions for all types of HR needs to various government institutions and multinational organizations. Our clients no longer have to worry about the talent sourcing aspect of their business, and we manage all processes. We now offer more services to assist our clients to build their teams in the most optimal way. In 2019 Aartees ventured into Language Training to support the language and skills development need of talents to qualify and fulfill client and governmental perquisites in terms of international employment. This business vertical had been expanded to include education consultancy to students and parents who wishes to achieve higher education in other countries.

Aartees Group was founded by a group of experienced business owners with the primary goal of delivering the highest quality service; as a result, the company has achieved a satisfaction rate of one hundred percent among its clients. To better assist our customers in developing their teams in the most effective manner possible, we have expanded the range of services that we offer.


We listen and work together to create a truly unique experience

Driven by passion in providing support to students wanting to achieve higher studies and professional individuals aiming for better career opportunities, Aartees are offering the following services:



You may look forward to receiving instruction from academics who not only have a wealth of knowledge but also a great academic background in order to study abroad.


Study Abroad

Reach to world-class education destinations all over the world. In the current era of globalization, students must have a global vision to get a successful career in this competitive world.


Nurses to Germany

Outstanding potential for Nurses to gain professional progress which is made possible by a wealth of training and education opportunities with us

Build, guide and create bright future for those who seeks assistance in establishing better career opportunities.

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