Drive your way to success in Germany

Drivers Program in Germany

There is a strong demand for drivers in Germany, both in public and private companies, for local and international transport. Every year, about 45,000/50,000 drivers are needed to replace those who retire. While demand is ever greater due to the rising flow of goods, more and more often, even the most modern truck is left at a standstill because of a shortage of drivers. Currently in Germany, some 80,000 driver’s seats are empty, and the IRU, the World Road Transport Organisation, says that this figure will rise to around 185,000 by 2027. The consequence is that companies are having to turn down orders, and there is a risk of supply bottlenecks.

l Step 1


Send Aartees Institute your resume and education information to apply.

Step 2

Learn German

Get started with languate training with us and we will help you prepare all documents for submission.

Step 3

Complete A2 Exam

By the time you pass the German A2 Language exam you will be chosen by our German partners.

Step 4

Complete B1

At this point, you will have your interview with the potential employer in Germany

Step 5

Pass B1 Exam

Once you pass and get the exam certificate, you can apply for the visa to Germany.

Step 6

Fly to 🇩🇪

Reach Germany and start training for Light Duty Vehicle (B-Class LMV) with German Driving Licence


Can I bring my family to Germany?

Yes, however, it is highly recommended that you bring your family once you have completed your probationary period. By then, you will have also settled in and will be in a better position to support your family by this time.

Will my employer process my family's visa(s)?

As your family’s sponsor, you will handle the residency application for your family members from their country of origin. Your employer will give you a letter of employment to assist with their visa application.

I have not passed the Board Examination yet, can I join the program?

Yes, you can start learning the German Language while you are completing your examination.

Can I be deployed once I get B1 certificate?

Yes, however, our employers require a B2 certificate so that you can have better opportunities when being placed in Germany.

What are the class timings?

We have multiple options available. Please contact us to get the current months timing options.