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The MBBS degree or course is highly regarded in many parts of the world, making it a good investment to study abroad at a top medical university or college with low tuition and no gift required for admission Getting an MBBS degree overseas is a priority for all medical students, but notably those from India.

More and more students from India hope to complete their MBBS degrees outside of the country, where they perceive higher quality education and more job chances. Numerous Indian Indian students have studied in Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Poland, and Malta over the past several years. There are a number of compelling arguments in favor of pursuing an MBBS degree in a foreign country.

Why Study MBBS Abroad?

MBBS Abroad, or the study of medicine and health sciences, has become increasingly popular among young Indian students. A few years ago, the number of Indian students applying to study MBBS in the European Union was far lower than it is today. What is the reason for this? Some Indian students have been compelled to study MBBS outside of India because of the limited number of government seats and the high tuition prices imposed by private medical schools. A total of 79,855 seats (for the year 2020) are allocated by the Medical Council of India (MCI) among 542 government and private colleges for candidates who pass the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test, which has now become mandatory (NEET). NEET has a huge applicant pool, but MCI only offers a small percentage of those spots. The NEET 2022 registration website is estimated to attract more than 15 million candidates. The overall number of applicants for the NEET exam rose by 5.13 percent in the previous year. A total of 13.66 million of the 15.97 million people who applied to take the NEET-UG exam actually showed up to take it.

Taking MBBS Admissions in a Foreign Country Has Some Advantages.

For Indian students, studying MBBS overseas is a fantastic opportunity. Choosing to complete your medical degree at a foreign university has numerous advantages:

  1. In the world’s best medical schools, students get the education they deserve.
  2. Medical colleges and universities accredited by the MCI and WHO
  3. Indian food can be found in abundance.
  4. The cost of living in most countries is nearly same to the cost of living in India.
  5. Specifically, the social and relational skills you develop while studying for your MBBS overseas.
  6. Studying MBBS abroad expands your horizons and provides more learning chances.
  7. Studying MBBS overseas has become a hot topic in the medical community.
  8. It’s more difficult to obtain a top quality education now.
  9. Capitation and donations are not required.
  10. A scholarship to study MBBS at a top university in another part of the world.
  11. The fees are reasonable.
  12. Global exposure after completing an international MBBS degree programme.
  13. Over 30,000 Indians are currently studying abroad to become doctors.

Eligibility Criteria (MBBS Admission Abroad)

  • Indian students need to fit in the eligibility criteria set by the NMC, WHO and respective medical universities.
  • The age of an Indian student willing to take admission to MBBS in Abroad should be at least of 17 years and a maximum of 25 years old on or before the admission date or the 31st December of the admission year.
  • Students must have cleared the HSC exam with a minimum of 50% marks. (45% for SC/ST/OBC)
  • For some of the foreign universities, IELTS/TOEFL exams are required to be cleared with eligible score. Though this is not compulsory for all the universities.
  • Candidate must clear the NEET exam with eligible score to take admission to MBBS in foreign universities.
  • Candidate must have completed Higher secondary level education with compulsory Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English subjects.
  • Candidates wanting to pursue MBBS abroad would want nothing but the best for themselves. There are a number of factors that go into making a country popular among Indian students. Cost of studying, living expenses, MCI recognized universities and a solid curriculum based education are among the top factors that help in making a destination popular among the Indian diaspora. Bangladesh, Malaysia, Philippines, Georgia the People’s Republic of China, Nepal, Russia, and Ukraine are the popular MBBS destinations choices for Indian students.

Admission Process For MBBS Abroad

The admission process becomes very simple once you go through reliable overseas education consultants. Once you submit the required documents, the process would be initiated immediately. One can reserve the seat prior to the 12th results in case the consultant has booked the seats already with the university only on the basis of the application fees.

  1. The admission letter however can be issued only on submission of following additional documents:
  2. 12th Level results with eligibility matching as per the university.
  3. Copy of the passport.

The student should never hand over the passport to the consultant before the admission letter has been issued. The next step is to get the Invitation from the Ministry of Education from that country and then apply for Visa. Generally, My MBB Admission arrange for the pick up at the destination, Departure, and the landing arrangements such as drop to the university.

Required Documents for MCI Eligibility Universities

Before taking admission to MBBS in any university of abroad, Indian students need to have these documents ready. Some countries also need these documents to be translated in their national languages. Ex. Malaysia, Nepal, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Russia, and more.

  • 10th & 12th mark sheet
  • 4 color photos
  • Admission letter
  • Caste certificate ( if required)
  • Medical certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • HIV report negative
  • Health insurance
  • Students visa
  • Valid passport with minimum of one year validity
  • NEET score card
  • IELTS/TOEFL score cards if necessary

The student should never hand over the passport to the consultant before the admission letter has been issued. The next step is to get the Invitation from the Ministry of Education from that country and then apply for Visa. Generally, My MBB Admission arrange for the pick up at the destination, Departure, and the landing arrangements such as drop to the university.

Tab TitleImportant Tips: Before Taking MBBS Admission in Abroad

Taking admission to MBBS degree is no less than a prestige. Therefore selecting a good medical university for the same is very much important. Keep these important points in mind before taking MBBS admission in Abroad:

  • Select the best overseas education consultant who guides you correctly for country and universities selection.
  • Never pay any kind of consultancy service charges in advance ( only pay fees for university application).
  • Look out for medical universities NMC approved & WHO accredited or not.
  • Always choose “A” grade universities while choosing the university to study MBBS in abroad.
  • Check the duration of the course.
    The language of MBBS programme. If your are belonging from India, you should check whether the universities offering the MBBS program in English or not.

Best Destinations to Study MBBS Abroad

Study MBBS Abroad is a game-changer for students. Many agree: it’s the best decision of their lives. It can affect the course of your entire life, but even if your path remains the same, the global perspective you gain is invaluable.
If you’re reading this, you’re probably the type of person who wants to travel the world and have new adventures. You’re open to a change of pace and maybe want to master another language. Even if you feel shy sometimes, you know the right environment can totally bring you out of your shell.
If you’re reading this, you’re probably the type of person who wants to travel the world and have new adventures. You’re open to a change of pace and maybe want to master another language. Even if you feel shy sometimes, you know the right environment can totally bring you out of your shell.

We Offer Free Student Counselling

We extend free counselling for the mbbs abroad studies of the students to make their dreams come true. Our Tutelage expert guides the students to find a proper resolution on their future careers. We are well-versed in giving guidance which makes the students eager enough to study abroad. We have plenty of happy experiences in making the students have their achievements done by studying abroad.
We are too kind enough to provide all the necessary information and render satisfying solutions for all your queries. We offer free online education counselling in a well-organized way so that it creates an impression on the upliftment of the lives of the people while studying abroad.

Online consultancy is available:
Studying MBBS abroad is a great opportunity for Indian students. There are a lot of advantages after choosing to complete your medical degree from foreign universities:

  • Our experts guide you with all the essential information that you are about to know regarding education and also the Universities with accurate details.
  • The online consultancy makes you understand the infrastructure and fee allotments of the chosen education and further proceedings of the same.
  • We assist you to obtain a University application and let you know the financial details for studying abroad.
  • Our service is done along with the esteemed Universities and so we could answer your questions swiftly without a delay.
  • Our Online consultancy service for studying abroad helps to link with various Universities by which you can choose your educational program in the most easier way.
  • We also offer a stress-free environment by sending your documents after a complete look over that are to be enfolded to the application.
  • We aid you in housing, insurance, flight tickets including visa accordingly.

Our study abroad consultants:

Reach us directly to our office or book an appointment by call/email.
You must carry your wish list and preference on the day of the appointment. Our Study abroad consultants will guide you as per your educational background, preference, wishlist, and also the proper Universities according to the prescribed budget.

Free Online Education Counselling:

We assure you that we will provide free online study mbbs abroad counselling with all the necessary information to fulfill your needs at the right time. We give our helping hands for all our students and let them achieve their dreams.

Study Abroad Admission Education Assistance

There are certain things which remain more important while studying abroad.

Full Assistance and Support

The first thing to be seen is for education because it is the only vision of the students. There arise financial issues in pursuing the chosen education. study assistance gives them all kinds of essential pieces of information regarding the documentation . With the help of Aartees Study, the students can claim the actual amount needed for pursuing their studies.

Legalization of Documents

Secondly, verification of the documents is very important for further execution regarding studies. And it could be done with the help of Aartees Study assistance by giving the students a well-certified education and so they are very keen on the documentation when undergoing the admission procedure. The legalization of documents includes attestations,translations, and all the other needful things to be more effective and get a standard platform.

Passport Assistance

Finally, getting a passport to go abroad. It is also made even easier to get applied for. Aartees study experts give complete care while applying for the passport. They also provide the admission letter to gain a passport on a quicker basis.

Documentation Required For Study Abroad

You are required to arrange the following documents.

  1. Mark sheets/certificates (10th, 12th)
  2. School Leaving Certificate
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Medical certificates, etc
  5. Passport
  6. Bank Statement of Guardian (From Three Months to Six Months)
  7. Passport size photos
  8. Travel and Health insurance
    The above-mentioned documents are necessary for the admission of students in their self-chosen Universities. To be noted that the above-mentioned documents are to be arranged as per the order.

Information regarding MBBS in foreign countries and the application procedures:

  • The application form has to be filled or you can get it filed by us online
  • Submission of your passports and the other important documents as scanned copies is necessary.
  • The admission letter has to collect from the applied University.
  • The immigration procedure will be carried out, as soon as, you receive the confirmation of admission.
  • After receiving an invitation letter, you may be required to physically appear at the Embassy, Consulate, or Service Providers.
  • Please make sure you contact them ASAP.
  • A proper checking, evaluation, and authentication of every document are necessary before applying for a visa.

AarteesGroup gives pre-departure support to make the students study abroad with the preparation for a new environment.
We make the students travel in a comfortable way along with all the preventive measures and we also confer proper accommodation in the country they step in.
We take a complete charge for a peaceful journey without any issues and that includes Visa Application Assistance, Air Ticket. We also ensure you with the checklist for your pre-departure belongings.

Support For Indian Students on Pre-departure


  • Help you to get a passport and ensure its validity to study abroad.
  • Help to get a Student visa / Single student visa.
  • Help to pay tuition fees to university and keep proof of those payments.
  • The status of your departure will be checked.
  • Help to buy flight tickets at an affordable rate.
  • Make you aware of your flight schedule and information regarding departure.
  • Help in arranging your baggage according to airline regulations.
  • Help you to know the instructions and arrival updates of your travel.
  • Ensure this preparation process to your family members, friends, and also your education consultant.

List of Documents Required to keep:

  • Passport/Visa
  • Photocopies of your cards (ATM/Credit/Debit)
  • ID cards
  • Medical Prescriptions
  • Help to buy flight tickets at an affordable rate.
  • Arrival Update
  • Flight Schedule

Examine your Health

  • You should collect the medical prescriptions that are required.
  • You should keep some generic medicines.
  • Examine your health by visiting your doctors.

Claiming of Insurance:

  • You should collect the information about your health plan and your insurance accordingly.
  • You should also collect the confirmation letter.
  • Personal properties can be additional coverage if needed.
  • You can also get travel insurance.

Communication requirements:

  • ISD plans must be on your mobile phone (if you wish to use it in abroad)
  • You must also get the card for international calling.
  • Keep all contact numbers and e-mail from your university advisors, consultant, registrar, and financial support office.

Financial resources:

You must do the following to have your financial resources.

  • ATM/Credit/Debit cards should be collected with their PIN which can be used abroad.
  • The fees for the bank must be evaluated.
  • Clarify the details related to your cards for using it abroad.
  • The local currency of the concerned country should be arranged before departure.
  • You have to check for the Net Banking option also.
  • Arrange the budget after getting a clear idea of the estimated expenses.

Overseas Education Pre-departure support

VISA Application Assistance

For the students, who dream to study abroad overseas must require an overseas visa. If the overseas students reserve their seats at Abroad medical colleges then they are eligible to apply for an abroad student Visa. After the submission of the application, the governments of foreign countries provide the students their Visa with an extension period until they complete their MBBS course. The student’s visa provided will be a multiple-entry visa.

The following procedures will be useful for obtaining your Visa:
  • Acquirement of the invitation letter from the applied college.
  • The Visa application form has to be filled.
  • Pile up your documents.
  • Take a snapshot of your visa.
  • Make financial arrangements for the visa.
  • Submit your application along with the fee.
  • Arrange your appointments with visa officials.
  • Collect your student visa.

Assistance Advice

The correct time for applying for a student visa:

Once you receive the confirmation of your admission to a particular University or Institutions, you are eligible to apply for a visa. Early access in the application of a visa could be prescribed, being mindful of the commencement of your education program.

This is because the execution of the process varies from country to country.

Why apply for a student visa earlier?

The students who want to pursue overseas education must require a visa to enter the country. And it is proof that you display your identity over there.

Applying for a visa earlier is more important because there are multiple processes to get approved by the authorities.

Students wanting to pursue MBBS abroad would be required to have attained the age of 17 in the year of application. He must have completed his 10+2 from a recognized board. The candidate must have an aggregate percentage of at least 50% or above in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and must have studied English as a compulsory subject during his 10+2 years. The student would also be required to qualify the NEET to apply abroad.

The nations with the lowest cost of studying MBBS overseas include Bulgaria, Kosovo, Turkey, Georgia. These countries have the lowest overall tuition costs

The limited number of government medical seats clubbed with the high cost of studying at private medical institutions has led to a large number of Indian students wanting to study MBBS in abroad.

One of the major drawbacks of studying abroad is the high cost of studying. However, scholarships and financial aid provided by different organizations lessen this burden.