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Nursing is one field where Germany is experiencing a severe shortage of qualified workers. This is partly attributable to the country's aging population. According to projections, there will be a need for an additional 300,000 registered nurses by the year 2030. Nurses have a crucial role in numerous settings, including hospitals, clinics, and retirement communities.

  • Benefits : Multiple benefits including attractive minimum salary starting at €2,400 per month.
  • Requirements :Must have a degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing (4 years education) or GNM.
  • Program Timeline : You will need to learn the German language from level A1 up to level B2 which can take around 1 year, during which we will start your processing.
  • Documents Required :There are multiple documents required for you to apply to Germany, we will help you with gathering and translating these.
  • Full Support : Aartees Group will cover support you from the beginning of your journey until you have completed
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Welcome Nurses to Germany Program with Aartees Group

Germany is a great place to work as a nurse because of the public health care system. The social health care system covers the entire population. Nurses in Germany are in demand, and the country has a good tradition of nursing. Nurses in Germany also enjoy high social standing. Germany is one of the wealthiest countries in Europe with an excellent healthcare system, so there are many opportunities for nurses to work in various positions. The salary is good, and the professional prospects are promising. One factor that stands out is that nurses can specialize more than they could elsewhere because there are not enough nurses to fill all positions in Germany. The scope of nursing jobs in Germany is expanding as the living standard, and nurses' salaries in Germany are attractive. Germany has a shortage of nurses, which means that nurses have more opportunities to progress in their careers faster. The wages are good, the culture is welcoming, and the working conditions are the best in the World. Germany has a shortage of nurses which means that nurses have more opportunities to progress in their careers much faster than in other countries. This is because there are many vacant posts but not enough people to fill them.

Nurses in Germany With Aartees Group

Hospitals and nursing homes are understaffed despite having a top-notch healthcare system. Germany has employed qualified foreign nurses from countries like Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and more to make up for this shortage. You’ll have several job options because Germany has a significant need for nurses. In terms of work-life balance, Germany performs well. German nurses have a variety of shift options. Work as a nurse pays well. In Germany, a nurse makes roughly 30,000 EUR annually, or 2,400 EUR monthly. According to experience, certification, and shift, this varies.Before moving on to leadership positions, the majority of nurses stay in one unit for a few years. If you advance to management, you can instruct nurses in technical colleges.


Apply through Aartees

Apply through Aartees


Start language learning

Get started with German Language Training. Submit all required documents


Completion of A2

Upon completion of A2, get selected by our German Partners.


Completion of B2

After completing B2 Level training pass the interview with medical facility & Obtain professional Recognition


Pass B2 Examination

Pass B2 German Language Examination & obtain working visa



Start working in Germany

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