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About Us!

Courses in Business, Engineering, Tourism and Hospitality, Early Childhood Education, Allied Health Science, Medicine, Post Graduate, MBA, and Doctoral Studies are just some of the many that Aartees Group facilitates for international students in Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Poland, Italy, and throughout Europe and Turkey.

We are ready to broaden our scope to include more prestigious centers of higher learning around the globe. Students in today’s age of globalization need a global perspective if they hope to find professional success in the increasingly competitive job market.

For students with an interest in expanding their horizons to include the entire world, My Aartees Group has been at the forefront of presenting them with such groundbreaking employment options. In a market where only the wealthy can afford to send their children abroad to attend university, we provide middle-class families with specialized guidance in choosing a university and a destination.

We have a tendency to oversimplify the intricate workings of foreign educational institutions, both their academic structure and the way they educate their students.
This has resulted in 100% satisfaction among all of our former pupils.
For that reason, we take great pride.

Our Vision

To fulfill our sole aim to turn your dreams and aspirations into your truth and reality, our vision Aartees Group aims:

  • Be a business that our trainees can rely on to provide them with direction and agency, as well as possibilities for professional progression and satisfaction in the disciplines in which they have chosen to work.
  • The perspective of the Aartees Group on education is that it is a profession in which practice and theory interact in a continuous and dynamic manner to shape curricular decisions and educational administration.

Our Mission

We, at Aartees Group , constantly strive towards developing, creating and providing new horizons to empower the budding medical dreams of the young students. We aim:

  • We are committed to understanding that our students require the provision of the very finest, most inventive, and most successful approach to learning, we are dedicated to providing this for them through the establishment of trustworthy partnerships.
  • This can be achieved by building a culture that places a priority on quality, excellence, and safety in addition to having an efficient organization staffed by high-performing individuals.
Our Core Values

Education Service

  • Excellence: delivering and providing high-quality training that adheres to established industry standards.
  • Diversity: acceptance of differences while living together peacefully is one definition of diversity.
  • Innovation: pursuing and welcoming change in order to effectively open doors to new chances for professional progress.
  • Trust: Creating and sustaining confidence by adhering to high standards of integrity and providing steadfast service.
  • Togetherness: build cultivate a positive team environment and thrive on the sense of family.

We support your career with the Goal of
Trusting Relationships